s.Ch. ANRICO Zlaté srdce, B.Tr. 


Date of Birth: 16.4.1995

Date of Death: 8.11.2004

SHPK: 00529/98
CMKU/BOT/: 2508/-01/95
Breeder: Mgr. Janka Tílesová, SR
Owner: Vladimíra Kozárová,Teplice + Nikol Balazicová + Ing.Beata Reimannová


62/62,5 cm Stud Male (KCHBO) - Recommended, Selected (2002)


HD: 0/0 – FCI “A”
PRA+CATARACT(eyes): neg. (2001)

Teeth: complete teeth, scissors


s.Ch. ANRICO Zlaté srdce, B.Tr. 

ZOP(36/48), ZPU1(73/47), BH(83),VZ1(93´),VZ2(139´)
Character test(KCHBO): 100b
Character test(CFCBB): CSAU,TAN


8xCAC, 3xr.CAC, 6xCACIB, r.CACIB, CKS, 5xBOB, BIG+3.BOD(Intercanis Brno)
National d´Elevage 2001 - Excellent
Champion ČR


2000 – Asta od Repna(3+4)
2002 – Mia Dylan van de Lamar(2+6)
unsuccessful matings:
2001 Ahira Arria Fabae
2001 Ch.Edis Arabat
2001 Ch.Ener Deabei,B.Tr.
2001 Lea Perla Mahagon
2002 Akyra Porta Bohemica
2003 Ch.Andra Vlčinec

Anrico was found with sparse sperm by examination (2002).


The 15th of Septembre Anrico had brain stroke. Since that time he was blind, lost olfactory sense and ability of natural urination.

After 3-week of intesive cure (Anrico was getting sometimes better, sometimes worse - nervous attacks, aquosity of his head) on 8th of Novembre he was put to sleep on the vet suggestion.

Anrico was almost 10 years old and untill now he had not had any health problems, symtoms of epilepsy or other nervous illness. He was in perfect condition and still very brisk.

I thank very much to her owner Vladka Kozarova and vet MVDr. Jiri Michálek for very sensitive and patient last care...


 s.Ch. ANRICO Zlaté srdce, B.Tr.