s. T.s. Jch. Klch. CHAKA Deabei

Date of Birth : 06.05.2002 (CH - Deabei)

Date of Death : 5.1.2017 - 14,5 years

CMKU/BOT/: 2683/02/04
Breeder: Ing.Beata Reimannová
Owner: Ing. Beata Reimannová + Zdenka Sedlácková, Sázava


63/63 cm Stud male (KBB)

Character test (KBB)

Character test (KCHBO) - 95p.

Selected: Hungary (2004), Czech rep. (2005)


HD: 0/0 - FCI:"A"(2003)
Elbows: 0/0 (2003)
PRA+CATARACT (Eyes): neg (2004)

Teeth: full teeth, scissors




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4xCAJC, 3xBOB, 2xBIS Junior, 6xCAC, 4xr.CAC, 2xCKS, 2xCACIB,2xr.CACIB, Club winner 2004 (Hungary), Club winner (KBB) 2004
Junior Champion
Best junior tervueren of the year 2003, Best of all varieties in year 2003

2nd Best Adult Male of Tervueren 2004,3rd Best Adult Male of All Varieties2004


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About Chaka:

Chaka is very nice sport dog with a huge temperament. He is rather supple male, loves retrieval and water. Is very contact to people, especially to children. And he used to smile when you talk to him :o)

He would be great agility dog but Zdenka ha no agility club close to her so she trains defence irregularly.

Chaka is a great show dog.