Ch. ENER Deabei, B.Tr.


Date of Birth : 2.10.1999 (E - Deabei)

Date of Death : 30.3.2013 ( 13,5 years - failureof liver - euthanasie)

CMKU/BOT: 2331/99

Breeder: Ing. Beata Reimannová

Owner: Ing.Beata Reimannová + Monika Votýpková


59/59cm Stud female (KCHBO)

HD: 0/1 – FCI “B”


Teeth: full teeth, scissors


Diseases: 2002 - suspicion on epilepsy, 2003 - castrated, 2004 - confirmation of epilepsy



ZM (36/48/46), ZOP, ZPU1, BH, VZ1,ZZO

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Povahový test (KCHBO) : 95b
Povahový test (CFCBB): CSAU, TAN


Champion CZ, 4xCAC, CKS, 3xr.CAC, 2xCACIB, r.CACIB
National d´Elevage 2001 - excellent 1
Champion CZ


2001 - s.Ch. Anrico Zlaté srdce, B.Tr. - not pregnant



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About Ener:

Eny was just "darling". She inherited absolute loyalty from her mother and a bit of roughness and dominance from her father... She wanted to do anything for her owner Monika and when she made a mistake, she did easily correct it with her gaze...

Eny loved retrieval, made very precise and lively obedience.

Otherwise Eny was the same as her mother Moly, calm, trouble-free and very friendly dog... and she did not like water too... In spite of it she did one week river-Vltava-trip on canoe with us :o)