the Deabei history


"When God created belgian shepherd he was in very good mood. While he was busy he laughed and danced. He turned around and created the dog between all the breeds who is joyful and hardworking like him."

DEABEI was founded in 1995 at the Czech agricultural university in Prague where I studied at that time. I have bred 4 litters there and after finishing my studies I have moved back to Teplice where I live at the present time.


My first belgian shepherd was tervueren Ch. Boy z Krumlovského údolí born 1992 – strong male of working type, excelent friendly temperament. The first brood bitch at DEABEI was tervueren Amma Arabat , female very good type, excellent colour and very live temperament.


But my story begun much erlier... In 1979. My first „belgian shepherd“ was called ´Jiskra´. I and my sister have got the dog from our father because we wished very much to have a dog – „the shepherd“. She was black with long hair and it made me to think all my childhood that she is mixure of collie. Later on I have found in the books the belgian shepherds and then was it clear for me that she is one of them. Another period I was talking around that she is new formed czech breed called „chodsky pes“. Today I know she was german shepherd with a long hair.


I was five years old and Jirkra lived with my grandmother in the village. When I was 14 years old I gave up the idea to being the most famous jockey all times (my parents didn´t allow me to ride the horse!) – so I have sticked to the dogs. I have started to také poor old Jiskra to the dog school and train her – till that time she lived only on the garden! Half a year later – when she was 9 years old we succesfully passed the obedience tests. Then I have stopped with training of Jiskra due to her condition. I couldn´t own second dog at that time – so I took out, showed and trained the dogs of our neighbours.


One day (I was 17 years old) when I came back from the school something has lighted in my mind…. I decided when somebody doesn´t fight (meaned against the parents) never reach the aim! I have called to several breeders of german shepherds and asked for long-haired dog with the pedigree – no one I found out!


I have started to search for groenandal – they are so similar to my Jiskra! But no litter at that time!!!!! So – I was pushed to make a compromise and called to breeders with tervuerens. The male puppies were born only in Moravia (300 km from my place) and they have only two last puppies. The father of the litters has the basic obedience test (at least something) and mother is a champion and succesfull on the shows! The best puppy on the world was waiting for me! When the breeder has heard my enthusiasm she asked very low price – only 2500,-CZK (about 80 Euro)! So I have decided to come to pick up the puppy. It was in secret from my parents and we went there with my friends…


On the way to Moravia I consoled myself that it is not a problem when it will be tervueren – one friend of mine told me he will get black in one year anyway…… And he got black!!!!! Today I know the black colour on tervuerens is not the right one…


My first „belgian shepherd“ was Jiskra – the german shepherd, my second belgian shepherd was „Neck“ – hwo was more „german shepherd“.


Although he became CZ Champion and we passed several exicite tests – he has not the typical belgian shepherd beauty. Perhaps thanks to Neck´s character I have falled in love with the variety Tervueren and today I´m the owner and co-owner of several of them.

Beatka a JiskraAmma a BoyKid, Cosey Mo, Delphine & Anee