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Charon Deabei, Farrel Deabei, Finka Deabei

qualified to competitions IPO 2017

Cholla Deabei Farka Deabei Ulu iz Gratsiano


puppies 2017



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4.12. 2016

CAC Nitra, Slovakia

judge: Nora Fischerová, SK
Nevada Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB (medium)

judge: Balogh Zsuzsanna, HU

Nevada Deabei - Exc.1 (medium)


new video

Quentin Deabei - 7 months -protection


new photos

Shock Deabei - 12 weeks

Oliva Deabei - 16 months

30.11. 2016

training - competition - IPO, Hungary

Cholla Deabei/Zsolt Szabó - IPO3(81/75/81) - 3rd place, The Most Sympatic Team :)


new video

Oliva Deabei - 16months - obedience


new pics

Cholla Deabei - from competition

Sweety Deabei - 11 weeks

Snoopy Deabei - 11 weeks

Salsa Deabei - 11 weeks

Qwero Deabei - 7 months

Quentin Deabei - 7 months

21.11. 2016


Ulu iz Gratsiano/Beata Štýbrová - IPO2 (94/90/91)

Charon Deabei/Michaela Rubášová- IPO3 (97/97/98) - he executed conditions for qualification for Czech Quali IPO for Czech Championchip 2017!!!



18.11. 2016

Taste Deabei - hledá nový domov

Taste avalaible again (she should fly to Halifax but there were canceled fly transports of animals during winter unfortunately) .

Taste Deabei 9,5 weeks(Irresistibile Mister Red dei Baci Rubati x Ilein Deabei) - happy temperament puppy, very nice socialization in family are waiting for right onwers - she is very promising for shows, any sports.


new pics

Today Deabei - 9,5 weeks

Tambourine Deabei - 9,5 weeks

13.11. 2016

new pics

Pram Deabei - from training weekend with Zbyšek Gorecki a Petr Foltýn

Plus Deabei - 13 months

Shock Deabei - 9 weeks

7.11. 2016


Farka Deabei/Anna Pavlů - IPO2 (97/82/87)

Drinky Deabei/Zdeněk Čihák - ZVV1 (90/96/93)


new brood female

Finka Deabei - executed show to breed CMC . brood female (55/56cm)

Character test CMC: 5555455/55P - she showed protection also with the highest points


new pics

Finka Deabei - from character test CMC

4.11. 2016

new info

- updated page of Odeta z Labského přívozu

- updated S2 litter

- updated T2 litter



Haifa Deabei - Thyroid (normal)


new pics

Killi Deabei - 11,5 roku + video

Nico Deabei - 1,5 roku


new mating of our offsprings

Killi Deabei mated in Hungary new female from Holland Blow me a Kiss v. Moned. More on pages of Kennel "van Moned"

Tweed Deabei mated Bien Moravia Merilen, pregnacy confirmed, CHS Calaina.


CACIB show Prague

judge: B.Štýbrová
Zippity Deabei - Exc.2, r.CAC (open class)

judge: H.Pisarčíková

Zippity Deabei - VG (open class)


new pics

litter T - 6,5 weeks

males: Tango, Tattoo, Twister

females: Tambourine, Tampa, Tao, Taste, Today



new pics

litter S - 6,5 weeks

males: Sauron, Shock, Snape, Snoopy, Super, Swing

females: Salsa, Selfie, Simka, Sweety




training - competitions

MČR CMC 2016

Finka Deabei/Jan Farkač - 29th place (47 teams) - IPO3 (88/81/87), qualified to Qualification for Czech World championchip VS MČR ČKS IPO


pics here...

video obedience

video defence


training - competitions

Czechchampionchip MČR Mondioring 2016 (open)

Chanuka Deabei/Robert Šašek - Mondioring1 - 5th place/15 competitors(180p) - The Best Tervueren, 2nd belgian sheperds from Czech, good step for FMBB 2017...


training - exams/competition

Finka Deabei/Jan Farkač - IPO3 (88/81/87), quali for VS MČR ČKS IPO

Cholti Deabei/Marek Pavlů - IPO1 (94/100/100)

China Deabei/Miluše Slívová - FPr.1(82)

Honey Elmar Slovakia/Patrcie Beggins - OB 197,5bodů - 1.místo - dokončila CD titul





new pics

Open Deabei - 9 years

Gaba Deabei - 4,5 years

Quanto Deabei - 6 months

QR Code Deabei - 6 months

Quimbi Deabei - 6 months

Rocket Deabei - 4 months


new pics

litter T - 5,5 weeks

males: Tango, Tattoo, Twister

females: Tambourine, Tampa, Tao, Taste, Today


Last female avalaible ...


new pics

Oliva Deabei - 15 months

Hooper Deabei - 3,5 years

Rapanui Deabei - 8 years


new pics

litter S - 5,5 weeks

malesi: Sauron, Shock, Snape, Snoopy, Super, Swing

females: Salsa, Selfie, Simka, Sweety


3 males and 2 females...for sport, for fine people!


new pics

litter T - 4,5.týdne

males: Tango, Tattoo, Twister

females: Tambourine, Tampa, Tao, Taste, Today


new pics

litter S - 4,5 weeks

psi: Sauron, Shock, Snape, Snoopy, Super, Swing

holky: Salsa, Selfie, Simka, Sweety


CACIB show České Budějovice

judge: A.Grygarová, CZ
Zippity Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB (open class)


new pics

litter T - 3,5 weeks

males: Tango, Tattoo, Twister

females: Tambourine, Tampa, Tao, Taste, Today



new pics

litter S - 3 weeks

males: Sauron, Shock, Snape, Snoopy, Super, Swing

females: Salsa, Selfie, Simka, Sweety


- for people for sport - obedience, agility, IPO

2.10. 2016

new pics

eternal T litter - 3weeks

malesi: Tango, Tattoo, Twister

females: Tambourine, Tampa, Tao, Taste, Today

ATENTION! Tango, Tattoo a Today are gris colour :) Tamburine is light fauve and Twister, Tampa, Taste a Tao are very red!


25.9. 2016

IPO - competition

Qualification for Germany Championat FCI 2017, Herne

Farrel Deabei/Fadia Schellberg - IPO3(98/95/80) - 10th place/27teams - 273p - qualified!!!


21.9. 2016

new pics

Ruby Deabei - 3 months

Nukki Deabei - 17 months

Pilsner Deabei - 1 year

Quebec Deabei - 5 months



Club show KCHBO, Horká nad Moravou

judge: Michéle Bidault, F

Aiko Deabei - Exc.1 (honor class)


CAC show Venezia, Italy

jusge: Vito Zambelli (IT)
Mupps Deabei - Exc.1,The Best veteran, she executed titl Veteran Champion Italy

19.9. 2016

new pics

our external T litter + names :) - 1.week

males: Tango, Tattoo, Twister

females: Tambourine, Tampa, Tao, Taste, Today



CACIB show Kecskemét, Maďarsko

Judge: Gábor Hargitai (IRL)

Cholla Deabei - Exc.1, CAC (working class)

17.9. 2016


Karamel Deabei/Patricie Galtier - IPO1 (99/91/87)



CACIB show Kecskemét, Maďarsko

Judge: June Wall (IRL)

Cholla Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (working class) - she executed titl Champion Hungary



new pics

we have name and first pics of our special S litter :o)

males: Sauron, Shock, Snape, Snoopy, Super, Swing

females: Salsa, Selfie, Simka, Sweety


- special puppies for active home, for sport, for right people...

15.9. 2016

planned puppies

Juki was mated with fantastic Taipan...jit will be last Juki´s litter - for right people for sprots (IPO, ring sports, obedience, agility)...more here...



Ratiboř, Poland

Chanuka Deabei/Robert Šašek - Mondioring1 (179b) - 4th place /12 teams


new pics

Chanuka Deabei - 3,5 years (from competition)

13.9. 2016

we have tervueren puppies !!!!!!!!!!!

Odeta and Ilein was born puppies!

litter S - Odeta a Prot have 10 puppies - 6 males + 4 females

litter T - Ilein a "Red" have 8 puppies - 3 males + 5 females

more here...

Puppies for right people for sports, shows, breeding for active home :)


obedience - competition

7th Czech championat KCHBO, Brno

judge: Christian Steinlechner

Tweed Deabei/Pavla Husáková - OB2 - 4th place, G - 212,5p

Xapp Deabei/Hana Abrahámová - OB1 - 3rd place, Exc. - 266,5p The Best Tervueren with max points

Carlo Deabei/Petr Semanco - OB1 - 6th place, Exc. - 262,5p

9.9. 2016

mating and puppies of our offsprings

Sepp Deabei, IPO3 mated two females from Austria -

- Amba vom Kellerhügel - more here...

- Boogie vom Kürnberg (daughter of our Prot Deabei, ZVV3 IPO3) - more here...

s.Zippity Deabei mated one female from Czech and one from Hungary

- Prisca Dog Arabat - more here...

- Xopee Deabei - more here...

Charon Deabei, IPO2 and working female Korad Spinoys Minerva have puppies in Sweden 5 puppies - 3 males + 2 females - more here...


new pics

China Deabei - 3,5 years

1.9. 2016


Ilein Deabei was on last control sono and there are probably 7 puppies!

More here...


new pics

Ilein Deabei - 3 years, from rescue training and mating

30.8. 2016

planned puppies

Juki Tarkatan started season...we plan to travel to Taipan to will be last Juki´s litter...more here...



Kiskunfélegyháza CAC show, Maďarsko

Cholla Deabei - Exc1, CAC, BOB (working class)


new pics

Qwero Deabei - 3 months

Quimbi Deabei - 4 months

Quentin Deabei - 4 months

Pierre Deabei - from rescue training and dogdiving - 11 months

Pepper Deabei - from protection - 11 months

Piia Deabei - 9 years

30.8. 2016


National d´Elevage, Aubigny 2016

jdges: E.Boriero/M.Griol

Karamel Deabei - Exc.2 (working class)

judges: K.L.Vandenbemden/D.Juif

Oliva Deabei - Exc.1 (young class)

Nevada Deabei - Exc. (medium class)

+character tests: CSAU exc., TAN exc.


new pics

Karamel Deabei - 2,5 years

Nevada Deabei - 16 months

Oliva Deabei - 13 months

Vappu Deabei - 6,5 years

Ykuk Deabei + Sofie from canicross in France

Pierre Deabei - from dogdiving - 11 months

17.8. 2016


Oliva Deabei -

HD: 0/0 - FCI"A"

ED: 0/0 - FCI"A"

spondylosa: 0 (neg.)

Nukki Deabei

Thyroid: normal (2016)

Norik Deabei

Thyroid: normal (2016)


new pics

Quality Deabei - 3,5 months

Kofu Deabei - 2,5 years (from Agicross camp)

Quanto Deabei - 3,5 months


new video

Quanto Deabei - 15 weeks

Quentin Deabei - 15 weeks

13.8. 2016

info puppies - male avalaible

Ronja and Rup left to new homes...


new pics

Rocket Deabei - 9 weeks




Sepp Deabei - control sperm (2016) - very good quality

8.8. 2016

info puppies

We expect puppies (confirmed with sono) - for sport for fine people - more here...


new pics

Nukki Deabei - 15 months

Quimbi Deabei - 15 weeks

Remi, Repete in new home - 8 weeks

společné R štěňátka - 7weeks


1.8. 2016

new pics

Pepsi Deabei - 10 months

Leon Deabei - 23 months


sad new

RIP... Toko Deabei ( 29.5.2009 -28.7.2016) - hemangiosarcoma aggressive growth of the spleen with liver metastases :(


29.7. 2016

new pics

Haifa Deabei - 3,5 years

Dipka Deabei - 4,5 years

Yoopee Deabei - 5,5 years



26.7. 2016

new pics

our puppies - 6 weeks:)


males: Remi, Repete, Rocket, Ruby a Rup

females: Ronja


and colective :)


25.7. 2016


Aiko Deabei, Mups Deabei a Dodo Deabei were on dogsshows last weekends...great results here...


new pics

Mups Deabei - 9,5 years

Quentin Deabei - 3 months (first protection)


new video

Quentin Deabei - 3 months (first protection)

20.7. 2016


Nevada Deabei

RTG DKK: 0/0 - FCI"A"

RTG DLK: 0/0 - FCI"A"

Thyroid: normal


new pics

Cholti Deabei - 3,5 years (model of headlines:)

Charon Deabei - 3,5 years

QR Code Deabei - 2,5 months

Quirk Deabei - 3 months (lovely pics from life in USA:)

18.7. 2016

new pics

our puppies - 5 weeks :)


males: Remi, Repete, Rocket, Ruby a Rup

females: Ronja

a colective :)

17.7. 2016

traning - exams

Charon Deabei/Michaela Rubášová - IPO2 (98/89/97)


new mating - puppy plans

Ilein Deabei, HD:A, ED:A was mated with lovely male from Italy, out groenedaels - Irresistibile Mister Red dei Baci Rubati, CANT, TAN Exc.+, HD:A, ED:A. We expect nice puppies for any sports, shows and with interesting blood.



Haifa Deabei was in Club show in Poland ...and new update of titls by Aika Deabei.

11.7. 2016

new pics

our puppies - 4 weeks :)


males: Remi, Repete, Rocket, Ruby a Rup

females: Ronja


Last male avalaible !

10.7. 2016

new pics

Quentin Deabei - 11 weeks

Pram Deabei - 9 months

Moody Deabei - 21 months

Taipan vom Further Moor - from training camp

Plus Deabei - 9 months

Puki Deabei - 9 months


training/exam - herding

Moody Deabei/Hanka Procházková - ZVOP (talent for herding)


planned puppies

So we expect very promising "agility" tervueren litter - more here...

Odeta z Labského přívozu, ZM was mated with Ich.Prot Deabei, IPO3, ZVV3, FH2...

8.7. 2016

new pics

Hooper Deabei with Monika :) - 3,5 years

Quirk Deabei - 10 weeks, in new home :)



planned puppies - tervuerens - Autumn 2016

We update our external litters - more here...



5.7. 2016

new pics

our puppies - 3 weeks :)


males: Remi, Repete, Rocket, Ruby a Rup

females: Ronja


new video

Our black puppies in the grass :) - 2,5 weeks


new pics

Porto Deabei - 9 months

Pivo Deabei - 9 months

Pilsner + Quebec meeting in Finland:)


new pics

our puppies - 16 days - first pics outside :)


males: Remi, Repete, Rocket, Ruby a Rup

female: Ronja



new pics

Quality Deabei - 2 months

Quentin Deabei - 2 months



new video

Quanto Deabei - 2 months - Quanto is waiting for his fly to UK by Vera Hlaváčková :)


sad news - RIP

Anee Oridix - 29.12.2001 - 27.6. 2016

We knew that it must come, but it still hurts, and finally left with only memories ...
Today we said goodbye toour Hupy, Anee Oridix in her beautiful age of 14.5 years ...

If I had a word to express Hupy, I can think of a "friendly" word. Hupka was good dog and from the heart to all friendly, loved the people, by definition, not a lack of self-confidence, she liked dogs, puppies, bitches, cats descended. She loved retrieval, balls jogging wear dock is ola and endlessly and she was very beautiful, strong, but very elegant and excellent mother. Hupy although sports began after 4 years, learned Jakub Štýbr dogfrisbee and subsequently agility. There are many beautiful and clever offsprings who do honor CHS Deabei and I am delighted that all but one are all living longer as pensioners.


Although we kidding, you're immortal ... hopefully we'll miss you Hupy ...

Celesta z Henrisaru - 25.5.2002 - 22.6.2016

Celeste was the daughter of our Oski, lived in the family Pješčak and her family life was loved. Celeste lived a long and beautiful life (14 years), who ended up in old age blood cancer. In Deabei bred one litter N



training - exams

Charon Deabei/Michaela Rubášová - IPO1 (95/92/96)



CAC show UDINE, Italy

judge: Bortolotto Zambelli Paola

Mupps Deabei - Exc.1 (veteran class)


CAC show Auch , France

judge: B.Thevenon, F

Karamel Deabei - Exc.1, CACS, BOB (working class)


training - exams

Moody Deabei/Hanka Procházková- BH(58b)

Carlo Deabei/Petr Semanco - OBZ( 305p) - 2nd place


planned puppies

- first planned puppies for second half year 2016...working tervueren litter...last litter of our lovely Juki... more here...


new pics

first individual pics of our puppies - 10 days


males: Remi, Repete, Rocket, Ruby a Rup

female: Ronja


Puppies are very big, happy and they are beginning to open eyes :)




Group show, Saue Estonia

judge: Alla Filatova, RU

Minea Deabei - Exc.1, CQ, VCAC, BB1, BOB-Veteran BOB & EST VCH, BIS Veteran, 4.BIG!!! (veteran class)


National show de St Girons, Francie

judge: Mr Barenne, F

Karamel Deabei - Exc.1, CACS (working class)


CACIB show Brno

judge: J. Václavík, CZ

Xapp Deabei - VG1 (working class)


new video

Charon Deabei - trénink stopy


new pics

Farrel Deabei - 4 years

Pivo Deabei - 8,5 months


groenedael puppies

Ykuk gave birth yesterday evening nice black litter - 5males and 1 female - all puppies are very black, big, same size and healthy. Ykuk is a great calm mother. More baout litter here...



CAC show Kladno

judge: Dick Rutten, NL

Zippity Deabei - Exc.1, CAC (open class)


new pics

Laila Deabei - 22 months


new pics

Q2 puppies - 7 weeks

males: QR Code, Quanto, Quebec, Quentin, Quimbi, Quirk, Qwero

female: Quality

more about


all puppies are reserved , next working litters in Autumn 2016 - info can ask and reserve now...


new dog in Deabei

We are happy to announce new dog - stud male in Deabei. Tervueren clear working line from malinois Taipan vom Further Moor, IPO3 , who lives and competes in Germany with his owner Lars Demke. We plan last litter by our s.r.Ut. Juki Tarkatan, wc FMBB, CACT, IPO3 with him...:) Info soon...


Special show, Russia

judge: B.Thevenon, F

Pinta Deabei - Exc.1, The Best veteran, BOB Veteran , BIS Veteran (veteran class)


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