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video Juki Tarkatan - MR BO - B

video Juki Tarkatan - MR BO - C

video Prot Deabei

s.r.Ut.Juki Tarkatan Sepp Deabei s.Ich.Prot Deabei

from 7.3. new Psí sporty 2/14


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training - exams

Cor Deabei - BH - 56p


nové video

Juki Tarkatan - poslušnost VZ IPO FCI

Charon Deabei - 14 měsíců



Toko Deabei

ED: 0/0 - FCI "A" (5 years)

Chile Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"

ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"


sad news

Totally unexpected and sudden death of Odin Deabei. He was lying and howled and suddenly died on arrival the owner of the work... An autopsy was not performed.... We're very sorry. Thank his owners Ivana and Ladislav Edr for the love you gave him during his short life (7 years).


new pics + video

Hooper Deabei/Monika Votýpková - from seminar from Ronny von Berge

video here...



Assiniboine show, Canada

judge: L. Thomson, CAN

Requin Deabei - BOS, BOB, 1.BIG!


training- canisterapeut

Guliver Deabei executed Canisterapeut certificate and they can help to people oficialy now. Certifikát here.


new link

Charon Deabei + Dayis Niss Briesberi


new pics

Cholti Deabei - 14 months - from protection (photo by Pavlína Bohunová)


new video

Chianti Deabei - 14 months - obedience


competition IPO

Qualification to Czech Championchip na MR FCI IPO ČR 2014

Juki Tarkatan/Beata Štýbrová

90/92/83a - 265b - 8th place/24 teams


I know it could be better, but I do not like if if if... just next time will be better ... and I do not mean the place or points, but the feeling of power illustrated in the competition.
I have the joy of obedience, full points of walking and especially retrieving and positions - where we did good work in winter, but also the defense, exept her horrible blends and barking...

Thank you all who crossed fingers to us, thank Michaela Rubášová for your support and help, thank you my great helper Martin Plecháček and team ZKO Sezemice and friends Míša Raganová and Martha Cihlářova for personal support at the venue ... and last but not least, Jakub, for tolerance and transport cards ... : o)



CAC show Ostrava, CZ

judge: T.Havelka, SK

Carlo Deabei - Exc.1, CAC (open class)

India Deabei - VG2 (young class)


new pics

Ulu Gratsiano - 4 months


mating of our offsprings

Paco Deabei had new female lovely gris s.r. Betty Davies Eyes More on pages Kennel Des Iles Borromees


puppies of our offsprings

Paco Deabei will have new litter in Italy, black puppies with groenendaelIch. Gea dell Colle Ombroso. More on pages of Paco.


new pics

Killi Deabei - 9 years

Paco Deabei - 7 years

Tulka Deabei - 5 years

Haifa Deabei - 15 months

Karamel Deabei - 3 months


new stud males - Deabei offsprings

Charon Deabei - Stdu male, Character test KCHBO: 100/A

Aiko Deabei - Stud male, Character test KCHBO: 99/A


new pics

Charon Deabei - 14 months




new mating of our offsprings

Paco Deabei had two females in Italy tervueren Era
Des Iles Borromees
a groenedael Hermosa dei Baci Rubati. More on pages Kennel Des Iles Borromees


Yopee Deabei had her first male Jomeylo di Terra Meiga (Farah van´t Sparrebos x Volcan du Loriers). More on pages Kennel The Beautiful Black One


survey Kynolog roku (The Best Cynolog 2013)


The Breeder of The Year - 1st place - Beata Štýbrová


I would like to thank everyone who sent me a voice to The Breeder of the Year.

Thanks also go to Misa Rubášová who nominated me for this competition.

To win this category is nice, but even better feeling is to have people around me, what man cheers. Thank you very much!


more about the contest here ...


new video

Hooper Deabei/Monika Votýpková - 14 months - obedience



Farka Deabei - BH

Farrel Deabei - BH


mating of our offsprings

Chuba Deabei is father was not expected...but female from working line Addir's First Dream have 10 lovely puppies -

4 males + 6 females! More info about litter on pages of breeder Kennel Addir´s


planned puppies

Xai Deabei was mated by lovely gris and cute male in Austria, more you can find on pages of puppies...


We are looking for people who wants sport with tervuerens...




Frisko Deabei - HD: 0/0 - FCI"A"


mating of our offsprings

Cor Deabei had next female great Karla z Polytanu. It is repeat mating which come from our Honey Elmar Slovakia. If all will be ok, there are expect great puppies for any sports more info on:


new video

Hooper Deabei - 14 months - training of defence, very nice work!


new pics

Karamel Deabei - 11 týdnů

Joda Deabei - 8 měsíců

Heli Deabei - 14 měsíců

Chuba Deabei - 1 rok



Heli Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"

ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"

Cholti Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"

ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"

Spondylosa: neg. (2014), shoulders: OK (2014)



Koala Deabei left to USA. Good luck small black bear :o)

First picture from new home here...



CACIB show Graz Austria

judge: Sinko Kupriyanova Olga

Aiko Deabei - Exc.1, CACA, r.CACIB (working class)

CAC show Seinäjoki, Finland

Pjotr Deabei - Exc.1, CQ bd1 BOB (champion class)


new pics

Impu Deabei - 8 months

India Deabei - 8 months

Ilein Deabei - 8 months



Garp Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"

ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"

Spondylosa: neg. (2014)



Chanuka Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"

ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"

Spondylosa: neg. (2014)



Kofu Deabei left to her new home. We are very happy because she will train agility and canicross with Klára Stuchlíková in Teplice.

So girls, I wish you all the best!

First picture from new home here...



new member of Deabei :o)

Sometimes things are decided by chance, like a message... Although we have not planned another puppy now, this one could not be refused if I mean the training and breeding seriously....


So we have Ulu Gratsiano, tervueren female from malinois parents with one the best working pedigree - father is Orcan vom Further Moor, IPO3, 2nd place FMBB 2013, German Champion 2013 x Mecberger Lulu, IPO3, 7th place FMMB 2013, daughter of World Champion IPO Mecberger Chortoryiski, IPO3. Orcan is grandson of legend World Champion Klemm Roten Falken, IPO3 and son of Da´Eder von der Brunnenstadt, IPO3, 5th place FMBB 2007)


puppies of friends

Saki Deabei (Ich. Aragon vom Wildweibchenstein, IPO3 x srIch. Mch.Atu Ketunpolun, ZVV1, LA2) has 6lovely puppies ( 4 males + 2 females). Pround father is young wonderful boy Cor Deabei (Samlo de le Terre Aimee x Putee Deabei, LA3, 2x FMBB). Saki´s brother is Sepp Deabei (IPO2, SPr.3), Putee´s brother is Ich.Prot Deabei (IPO3, ZVV3), grandmother Ich.Delphine Erlander (IPO3, ZVV2)
There we expect very promising puppies for any sport but still with nice looking - both parenths have very stabile temperament - no shooting reaction, naturaly full bites, nice open temperament, no shy! More on pages of breeder Moravia Merlien


new pics

Karamel Deabei - 9 weeks

Koala Deabei- 9 weeks

Kofu Deabei - 9 weeks

Impu Deabei - 7 months

Cholla Deabei - 1 year - from training



Emoti Deabei


RTG DLK: OFA Normal - FCI "A"


new pics

Guliver Deabei - 22 months

Honey Elmar Slovakia - 5 months

Jople Deabei - 7 months



Our small princess Kapi left to new home, she will live with Sandra Vaňková in Prague and they will train dogdancing mainly. Good luck girls!

First pics from her new home here...



DUO CACIB Brno, CZ (22.3)

judge: Willemine Van Deijl, NL

Aiko Deabei - Exc.1(working class)

Ralko Deabei - Exc.2, r.CAC, r.CACIB (open class)

Carlo Deabei - VG3 (open lcass)

Tweed Deabei - Exc.1 (working class)

Isengard´s Drum - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB (open class)

Vappu Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB (working lcass) - she finshed titl Czech Champion


DUO CACIB Brno, CZ (23.3)

judge: Päivi Eerola, FIN

Aiko Deabei - Exc.1(working class)

Ralko Deabei - Exc.3 (open class)

Carlo Deabei - Exc.2 (opeln class)

Tweed Deabei - Exc.1 (working class)

Isengard´s Drum - G (open class)

Vappu Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB (working class)



Charon Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"

ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"

Spondylosa: neg. (2014)



NVP Rijeka, Chorvatsko

judge: Tomo Pavić, HR

Aiko Deabei - Exc,1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (working class) + quali for Cruft's 2015


CACIB show Budapest, Hungary

judge: Zsolt Bíró, H

Hamak Deabei - Exc.1, HPJ (young class)

Xopee Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB (working class) - she executed titil. Hungary champion

CACIB show Budapest, Hungary

judge: Péter Harsányi, H

Hamak Deabei - exc.1, HPJ (young class)

Crocus Kennel Club, Canada

judge: Val Hanson, CAN

Requin Deabei - The Best Male, BOB, 1.BIG


new pics

- our puppies 7 weeks

Kapi, Karamel, Koala, Kofu


Karamel - new video here - first playing without rest litter, with new toy (she didn´t know it before)...great girl!


nové fotky

holčičky walking in the forest :o)

- 6,5 weeks



Winter show Budepest, Hungary

judge: Tarján Annamária, H

Hamak Deabei - Exc.1, HPJ, BOB (young class)

Winter show Budepest, Hungary

judge: István László H

Heli Deabei - Exc.1, HPJ, BOB (young class) - she finished titl Hungary Juniorchampion


new pics

Xapp Deabei - 4 years

Aiko Deabei - 3 years

Cholti Deabei - 1 year


new pics our puppies

- 6 weeks

Kapi, Karamel, Koala, Kofu

+ colective :o)



Charon Deabei - PRA+cataract. neg. (2014)


training - exams

Vappu Deabei - OB-Z (232,5 - V)


new pics

- 5 weeks

Kapi, Karamel, Koala, Kofu


One female is still avalaible - for sport or show home!



FMMB 2014


Ykuk Deabei/Jakub Štýbr - qualified in agility at the World Championships in Finland FMBB 2014 as a Czech 3 + team.


The Best Dog of The Year 2013, club KCHBO

category Schutzhund (IPO, NZR)
1st place - Juki Tarkatan, The Best Tervueren (3rd place between all varieties)
2nd place - Prot Deabei (4th place between all varieties)

3rd place - Sepp Deabei + Helena Grzondzielová
5th place - Tweed Deabei + Pavla Husáková (9th place obedience)
8th place - Vappu Deabei + Michala Raganová

3rd place - Aiko Deabei + Lucie Prochazková


CACIB show Glogow, PL

judge: Margaret Furlong (IRL)

Aiko Deabei - Exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB (working class)


new puppy pics

- 4 weeks

Kapi, Karamel, Koala, Kofu



new video

Hamak Deabei - 1 year



CACIB show Trenčín, Slovakia

judge: A.Zamoyski, PL

Aiko Deabei - Exc.1, CAC (working class) - he executed new titl Slovakia Champion


new pics

Xai Deabei - 3,5 years

Charon Deabei - 11 months

Garp Deabei - 20 months


pics of puppies

- 3 weeks

Kapi, Karamel, Koala, Kofu

+ first colective play :o)


Longhair 2014

New place with same are welcome to our training camp if you like train IPO with your longhair belgen sheperd.


More info here...:o)




exepted puppies

Amiel Balpoa was on sono today and unfortunately no puppies are there :o( We will try her last litter next season, we will think about male her.




new pics

Hooper Deabei - 11 months


new pics

Cholla Deabei - 11 months

Hook Deabei - 1 year



CAC show Lahti, Finland

judge: Harry Tast, FIN

Garp Deabei - Exc.1, CQ, The Best Male, CAC, BOB (medium class)




CAC show Brno (4.1)

judge: I. Němečková, CZ

Carlo Deabei - Exc.1, CAC (open class)


new pics of our puppies

- 2 weeks

girls: Kapi, Karamel, Koala, Kofu


PF 2014





Dear friends, breeders, owners of our offsprings, I wish you all the best for the new year ...

.... health, happiness, joy, success, insight, a lot of positive energy and love.





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