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Czech Agility Champion 2015

Ykuk Deabei+Jakub Štýbr

qualified to FMBB, EO and Czech Championchip 2016

Juki Tarkatan Farrel Deabei Xapp Deabei

First planned litters - groenendael a nd tervuerenen here...


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Xapp Deabei - PRA+cataract.: neg. (2016)

Saki Deabei - PRA+cataract.. neg. (2016)


new pics

Nukki Deabei - 9 months

Nevada Deabei - 9 months

Tweed Deabei + Pavla Husáková - first time on canicrossu :)


new pics

Porto Deabei - 4 months

Kofu Deabei - 2 years


new video

Ykuk Deabei + Jakub Štýbr - kvalifikační běhy na FMBB 2016


new pics

Pepsi Deabei - 4 months

Pepsi after 2 months of great care of Martin Slovák, left to her new home to Hege Larsen in Norway. Where she will train IPO mainly. Good luck small girl!


new pics

Cholla Deabei - 3 years

Joda Deabei - 2,5 years

Farrel Deabei - 4 years

Hamuka Deabei - 3 years


new pics

Oliva Deabei - 6,5 months

Eyla Deabei - 4 years

Oliver Deabei - 8,5 years

Pierre Deabei - 3,5 months

Porto Deabei - first defence - 2,5 months

Pram Deabei - 3,5 months


new female in Deabei

Oliva Deabei :)


new titl

Ykuk Deabei executed agility titul A3Ch.

Compleete life agility result of Ykuk and Jakub you can find here..


new pics

Oliva Deabei - 6,5 months

Nico Deabei - 9 months - first training defence


planned puppies - Spring 2016

First planned litters - groenendael a nd tervuerenen here...


Please write me all people who had an interest about puppy, specialy from Ykuk, I need to know who is still actual (some people waited more than 2 years)


new pics

Pepper Deabei - 3,5 months

Pram Deabei - 3,5 months

Upin Deabei - 6,5 years


mating our offsprings

Aiko Deabei had lovely female from Germany - Emmie vom Johannisbach .



smutná zpráva

29.12.2015 s.r.MCH.Pjotr Deabei, BH died in age 8,5 years (bone cancer).


new video

Oliva Deabei - third "track" :)


new pics

Plus Deabei - 3 months

Pilsner Deabei - 3 months

Pivo Deabei - 3 months

Porto Deabei - 3 months


litters/mating our offsprings

Sju Deabei have puppies in Germany 3males +2females with Holland de Ceibe Lar. More info Kennel Hacienda Pura Vida.

Aiko Deabei had lovely female in Italy - Sissi del Colle Ombroso.

Pacovi Deabei has black puppies in Italy 4males + 3 females with female Gea-g del Colle Ombroso.

Gaba Deabei was mated with Ch.Ayers-Rock Groenoir, more Kennel Randy Dog.


info puppies

Pivo Deabei left to new home. He will live by family and his owner will work with him in the prison service...Good luck!


new video

Pepsi Deabei - 12 weeks


training - exams

Cholla Deabei/ Zoltan Szabó - IPO2 (85/96/89)

video from defence IPO2



Haifa Deabei

- HD: 0/0 - FCI"A"

- ED: 0/0 - FCI "A"


new pics

Haifa Deabei - 3 years

Pivo Deabei - 11weeks

Puki Deabei - 10 weeks

Porto Deabei - 10 weeks

Cholla Deabei - 3 years


new video

Puki Deabei - 10 weeks - first steps :)

Hooper + Charon Deabei - 3 years - heelwork


new pics

Nemo Deabei - 7,5 months

Charon Deabei - 3 years

Ulu Gratsiano - 2 years (tracking)


last male avalaible Pivo Deabei

video - Pivo Deabei - 10 weeks

Pivo Deabei - last puppy avalaible from our P litter. Father Diwan Kerprigent, RING3, Working Champion, mother s.r.Ut. Juki Tarkatan, IPO3, CACT, wc FMBB.
Pivo is balanced temperament puppy, with extrem food drive, prey drive, naturaly retriever, self-confident, but not too dominant, well socialization, loves people. Compact body, medium size. Only for active home for dog sports(IPO, obedience, rescue training, agility) and for fine people!

More here...


training - exams

Moody Deabei - OBZ(VG)

Moka Deabei - CAL 2 (test protection in Itály)


new pics

Oliver Deabei - 8,5 years

Juki Tarkatan - next nice pics from FMBB

Atu Ketunpolun - 10 years, rescue training with Monika Kodrasova

Pram Deabei - 10 weeks (first pics from new home)


puppies P2

Updated chips, numbers and first new owners of our P2 litter


new video

Hooper Deabei - 3 years - training protection, tracking



CACIB show Nitra, Slovakia

judge: T.Havelka, SK

Carlo Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (working class) - he executed titl Slovakia Champion and Interchampion C.I.B


CACIB show Nitra, Slovakia

judge: J.Matyáš, SK

Carlo Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (working class)


info puppies

Porto and Pram left to the new homes. Porto will train with Pavla Husáková mondioring and Pram with Nikol Ramíkova will train IPO. Good luck boys!


new pics

Oliva Deabei - 4 months

Hooper Deabei - 3 years



First girl left to her new home. Puki Deabei will live with Eva Prchalova and they will train IPO. I wish them good luck!


new pics

Farrel Deabei from exam IPO3.

Nukki Deabei - 5 months

Nico Deabei - 6 months

Nemo Deabei - 6 months

Nice Deabei - 6 months


new pics of our puppies

7 weeks

males: Pepper, Pierre, Pilsner, Pivo, Plus, Porto, Pram

females: Peanuts, Pepsi, Puki

more about our litter here...


Last 2 males avalaible - only for right people for any dog sport!


training - competition

Mondioring, Nivelles, Belgie

Chanuka Deabei/Robest Šašek - Mondioring 1(187p) - 6th place/18 teams!!!


training - exams

Karamel Deabei/Patricia Galtiere - IPO-V (97/93/90)


training - exams

Farrel Deabei /Fadia Schellberg - IPO3 (96/96/97)


new pics of our puppies:)

5,5 weeks

malesi: Pepper, Pierre, Pilsner, Pivo, Plus, Porto, Pram

females: Peanuts, Pepsi, Puki

more here...


training - exams

Finka Deabei/Honza Farkač - IPO1 (88/94/85)

Carlo Deabei/Petr Semenaco - IPO1 (70/90/75)

Xapp Deabei/Hana Abrahámová - ZVV1 (78/90/80)


new pics

From our autumn training camp Longhairu - here...



CACIB show Praha

judge: Dirk Spruyt, B

Zippity Deabei - Exc.2, r.CAC (open class)

CACIB show Praha

judge: Myriam Vermeire, B

Zippity Deabei - Exc.3 (open class)


training - competition

Czech Championat Mondioring, Bochovice

Chanuka Deabei/Robest Šašek - Mondioring 1(184p) - 2nd place/15 teams!!!


training - exams

Xapp Deabei/Hana Abrahámová - IPO3 (75/95/93)



Rock point Horská výzva - Krušné hory (63km, 2300 cant)

Kofu Deabei/Klára Stuchlíková - 3rd place/8 teams

- time: 11 hod 30 min

Rock point Horská výzva - Šumava (75km, 2550 převýšení)

Kofu Deabei/Klára Stuchlíková - 3.místo/6 teams

- time: 13 hod 27 min


new pics of our working litter :)

3,5 weeks

males: Pepper, Pierre, Pilsner, Pivo, Plus, Porto, Pram

females: Peanuts, Pepsi, Puki

more about our litter here...



Oliver Deabei - thyroid: normal (8 years - 2015)


stud commission + character test KCHBO

Chanuka Deabei - 62/63cm, CHT: 100p/A

Eyla Deabei - 61/60cm, CHT: 97p

Ilein Deabei - 62/63cm, CHT: 90p/A

all females will be used in our Kennel in 2016 - we are looking for right males


new video

Chanuka Deabei - training Mondioring 1 -. long attack with recall - "personal guard"


pics of Juki´s babbies :)

2,5 weeks

males: Pepper, Pierre, Pilsner, Pivo, Plus, Porto, Pram

females: Peanuts, Pepsi, Puki

more about litter here...



Ilein Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI"A"

ED:0/0 - FCI"A"

Spondylosa: 0

PRA+cataract: neg. (2015)

Eyla Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI"A"

ED:0/0 - FCI"A"


new pics

Karamel Deabei - 16 months

Laila Deabei - 1 year



CAC show Zabrze, Poland


Carlo Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, BOB (working class) - he became titl Poland Champion


new video + pics

Oliva Deabei - 3 months

video here .) - enjoy!

Norik Deabei - 5 months



CACIB show České Budějovice

judge:T.Havelka, SK

Gaba Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (open class)



Leon Deabei

HD: 0/0 - FCI"A"

ED: 0/0 - FCI"A"


Juki má štěňátka!!!!!!!

Juki gave birth her puppies she has - 7 males and 3 females !!!!!!!!!!!

More here...

If you had an interest about puppy from this litter write me soon as possible please...I write reservation.



BSD Special show Ratenice

judge: E.Boriero, IT

Hooper Deabei - Exc.1, CAC, Vítěz Speciální výstavy 2015, BOS (open class)

Nevada Deabei - VP1, Nejlepší štěně, BIS šteně (babby class)

Zippity Deabei - Exc.3 (open class)

Prot Deabei - Exc.2 (veteran class)

Gaba Deabei - Exc.3 (winner class)


new pics

Prot Deabei - 8 years

Oliva Deabei - 11 weeks

Ilein Deabei - 2,5 years


new video

Kofu Deabei - 1,5 years - protection from training camp

Oskar Deabei - first individual pla, strange place - 10 weeks


info puppies

Oskar has new owner...

Xai is not pregnant unfortunately...



Folin Deabei

HD: OFA Good - FCI"A"

ED: OFA Normal - FCI"A"


new pics

Nick Deabei - 8,5 years

Lamia Deabei - 9,5 years

Leon Deabei - 1 years

Lupina Deabei - 1 years

China Deabei - 2,5 years



BSD Special show Dinslaken, SRN

judge: E.Boriero, IT

Lamia Deabei - Exc.1, The Best Veteran (veteran class)


O2 litter

updated page of our O2 litter


2. Longhair Camp 2015 in autumn!!!

Because we had hot weather during our training camp in Summer, we decided to try one autumnual training the end there will be possibility to do exam IPO, FH...

More info here...


Pics from Summer here :)



Czech Championchip KCHBO, Česká Lípa

Xapp Deabei/Hanka Abrahámová - OB1(Exc-227p) - 3rd place

Obedience Collie a Sheltie Cup, Česká Lípa

Xapp Deabei/Hanka Abrahámová - OB1(VG-214p) -1st place


training - exams

Drinky Deabei/Zdeněk Čihák - BH (55p)


brood female from Deabei + character test

China Deabei - brood female, Character test KCHBO:97p, 59/61cm



CAC show Muurame, Finland

judge: F. Kappacher, A

Maddie Deabei - Exc.2, CQ (young class)


new pics

Nico Deabei - 4,5 months

Nemo Deabei - 4,5 months


new pics

Drinky Deabei - 3,5 years

Oliva Deabei - 2 months



European Dog Show, Oslo, Norway

judge: Malo Alcrudo Rafael, S

Pjotr Deabei - Exc.2 (working class)

Special Dog Show, Oslo, Norway

judge: Gunther Althoff, D

Pjotr Deabei - Exc.2 (working class)



Czech Agility Championship, Liberec

Ykuk Deabei/Jakub Štýbr - Czech Individual Champion 2015!!!!!!!!!!


new video

Ykuk´s amazing run from Czech agility Champ. 2015


competition - IPO

DVG MV Obercastrop, Germany

Farrel Deabei /Fadia Schellberg - IPO3 (81/90/90) - 3rd place!!!


training - exams

Sepp Deabei /Helena Grzondzielová - ZVV1(77/92/93)



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