PE.Jch. Klch. ANEE Oridix,A3


Date of Birth : 29.12.2001

Date of Death : 27.6.2016 (14,5 years)

CMKU/BOT: 2611/01

Breeder: Ing. Lenka Dvoráková, Usti nad Labem,

Owner: Ing. Beata Stybrova


62/61,5cm Stud female - Recommended, Selected KCHBO (s.),

Reproductive Female KCHBO (PE) - (Mima, Ralko, Vappu Deabei)


HD: 0/0 – FCI “A” (2003)

PRA+cataract (Eyes): neg.(2004)

BAER test : left deaf /right normal (2007)

Teeth: complete teeth, scissors



ZZO (54p.),ZOP (95)

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Character test (KCHBO): 99p.

LA3, LA2, LA1


COMPETITIONS: dogfrisbee, agility


6xBOB, 2xCACIB, r.CACIB, 8xCAC, 3xr.CAC, 4xCKS, 3xCAJC, Club winner 2003+2004,Winner of Special show 2004, National winner 2003
National d´Elevage 2003 - excellent 6(from 60 females)
Club Champion, Junior Champion

The Best Adult Female of Tervueren 2004, 3rd Best Adult Female of All Varieties 2004


Moving: video of moving in 3 years moving in 3 years

2005 – Domburg In Envy - K Deabei (3+6)

2006 - Ch. Domburg Dressed to Impress at Talamo - M Deabei (4+6)

2008 - Grimmendans Fourlan - R Deabei (7+2)

2009 - Prot Deabei - V Deabei (3+4)


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About Anee:

Hupina could be characterized by one word only - kind.
She would be very good family dog, she loves people, children, she is friendly to other dogs
and all animals. She is a calm companion and big darling. She is ideal show dog and she loves all balls and dog disc. She is good tracker and sport defender. She started with agility and dog frisbee after her first puppies and she likes both sports very much.
Hupy is neither dominant nor supple dog in dog pack - she doesn't care about... that is not her life philosophy. Her life opinion is only in - being pet from people, get plenty of foods and have jumping ball...:o)
She is fantastic no problem mother.

And she chomps very noisy :o)