Jch.KlCh. ATHOS Comme un Reve Noir, B.Tr


Date of Birth : 03.04.2002

Date of death : 3.7.2015 (13 years)

Met: Ter.5557/02

Chip: 203098100211787
CMKU/BOT/: 2707/-02/02/04

Breeder: Annámária Vig Pálfalvi, Hungary, Kennel Reve Noir
Owner: Ing.Beata Štýbrová + Mgr. Iva Felgrová, Jankov


From March 2008 to November 2008 Jonas lived by Rob & Barbara Dunlop, Melbourne, Australia
Kennel Erlander


64/63 cm Stud male (KCHBO) - Recommended



HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"(2003)
Elbows: 0/0 (2003)
PRA+CATARACT (Eyes): neg. (2003,2008)

Teeth: complete teeth, scissors

6/2014 - tumor on testicle - castration



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ZM(48/47/36), ZZO (60 bodů)
Character test (KCHBO): 97p

2xCAJC, 7xCAC, 10x CC(Australia), 3xr.CAC, r.CAC(Hungary), r.CAC(Slovakia), 5xCKS, r.CACIB, CACIB, Club Winner KBB 2005, 2xBOB, 10x BOB (Australia), 3.BIG, BIS
Junior Champion, Club Champion

3rd Best Adult Male of Tervueren 2004


2004 - Eliss Barnacký prameň (1+0) - Caesarean operation, dead of puppy after birth
2004 - Jch.Denny Barnacký prameň (1+6)
2004 - Emy Adina z Kovárny (8+6)
2004 - Akyra Porta Bohemica (4+2)

2008 - Ch. Erlander Bella Brianna, CD (5+4)

2008 - Ch. Yvette di Scottatura (2+3)

2009 - Adriane Nobby Rock (5+1)

2010 - Delphine Nobby Rock (5+4)

2010 - Chara Randy Dog - not pregnant

2011 - Chara Randy Dog (3+6)

2011 - Jch.Adriane Nobby Rock (4+2)

2012 - Jch. Adriane Nobby Rock - absorbed puppies

2012 - Delphine Nobby Rock (3+5)


Informations which we know about health of Athos´s offsprings you can find here

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About Athos:

Jonas was very balanced, friendly and temperament boy.
He was perfect show dog, he could be alone in show ring without owner...and he liked all dog sports and training.
His owner Iva had not good possibility to train with him, so we decided to give him to my good friend, good trainer of dogs, Ludka Klimplova. He was 14months old and Ludka executed the exam ZM (track/obedience/defence) in his 16months...it was great, but Ludka had not more time for him for next exams unfortunately...

I see ideal character of tervueren in Jonas. He was not just a good companion and family dog, but could be excellent in working, agility or frisbee dog too. He was very contact to the people but can defence his owner very powerfully. Apart from it he has herding abilities, loved playing, retrieval and water.


From the heart I am sorry that I did not manage to use it for my breeding.


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