PE.s.r.Ich.Ch.Jch.Klch DELPHINE Erlander, B.Tr.


Date of Birth : 24.2.2003

Date of Death: 22.4.2012

Al: 3100112688

CMKU/BOT: 2765-03/03

Breeder: Rob & Barbara Dunlop, Melbourne, Australia
Kennel Erlander

Owner: Ing.Beata Štýbrová


58/59cm - Brood fermale

Character and socializing test: 95p

-no shooting reaction

Selection: France (s.r.), CZ (s)

Reproductor Elite A(KCHBO) - PE


Teeth: complete teeth, scissors

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HD: 0/0 - FCI "A"

PRA+cataract: neg. (2006)

BAER test : normal/normal (2007)


2xCAJC, 11xCAC, CAC (SR), VDH(SRN), 2x r.CAC, 7xCKS, r.CACIB,

4xCACIB, 3xBOB, BIS, Club Winner KCHBO 2005, Winner of Speciality Show (2005), Club Winner SR 2008 + BOB

National d´Elevage (2006) - Excellent1, Best Working Tervueren NE2006, National d´Elevage (2005) - Excellent3+

National d´Elevage (2004) - Excellent +

Regional d´Elevage, Touquet (2007) - Exc.1 (working class)

Junior Champion, Club Champion KCHBO, Champion CZ, Interchampion

The Best Young Tervueren 2004, Absolut Young Winner of All Varieties 2004



CSAU, TAN excellent + (test de championat) - 2004

IPO3 (77/74/82), IPO2 (70/74/88), IPO1 (83/82/70), ZVV2 (81/76/83), ZVV1 (85/91/78), ZM (105p), ZZO (54p), ZOP (89b), ZPU1 (77/50p)

RH-E (90/81), FPr.1(93p.)



2006 - Nelson de Brunalines - no pregnant

2007 - Corsini Valentino - P Deabei (5+4)

2008 - Oural de la Fureur de la Crepuscule (bad insemination) - no pregant

2009 - Tanguy du Domaine de Turnago Villares - T Deabei (2+5)

2010 - Kehala Dancing in the Dark with Ambrajai - X Deabei (4+2)

2010 - Charme Noir de la Closerie de Yenda

2010 - Charme Noir de la Closerie de Yenda - Y Deabei (0+6)


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About Delphine:

Delphine came to me in her 3 months and she arrived all the way from Australia. There was "wild and frighten beast" in the kennel waiting for me on the airport who was ready to fight for her life. No wonder, her journey took 48 hours... I better took all kennel into the car and open it not sooner then at my home.

Our two cats and Neck sit beside and wait while Delphine was getting slowly out. She immediately bite Neck when she saw him and started to bustle about. She liked cats but not me. So I let her bustle...

After while she tinkled on the floor so I took mop and started to clean it up. In the same moment the small red rocket bite into the mop very tough... And I could easily touched her or even pick her up on the mop. She was really mine from this moment...


Delphine had incredibly temperament creature full of energy and always ready to play. She was real retrieval freak of all shapes and sizes things. She was great defender with perfect and full bites and strong go-ahead manner. She would be great agility or frisbee dog too if we had more time to train. Her obedience and tracking was very good. Delphine was real working dog, the one who was always asking you what are we going to play next while walking from the training place...

She was reliable guard dog but also a pet companion. She did not pay attention to people she did not know. Delphine was very intelligent and sensitive and grew up into the dog personality.

She loved water and would swim or just stay in the water and wait for any retrieval all day long.


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