EAVAN of Irresistible Black


Date of Birth: 25.1.2008

Date of Death : 14.3.2016 (after difficult operation gastric torsion)


Chip: 528140000306943

NHSB: 2690308

CMKU/BOT/: 1305/-08/08

Breeder: Gert & Gea Meerholz, Netherland

Owner: Veronika Reitschmiedová, Mikulášovice + Ing.Beata Štýbrová


Teeth: compleete, scissors


HD: 0/0 - FCI"A"
Elbows: 0/0 - FCI "A"
PRA+CATARACT (Eyes): neg. (2013)



Character test (KCHBO): 94p/A

OB-Z(227p - Exc.), BH (56p), ZOP(100p)

Canisterapeut test (2014)


video - obedience

video - first "protection":o)



VP1, 2x The Best Babby, Excellent 4

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more photos...


ABOUT EAVAN - "Ride" :

We (me and my friend Veronika) wanted a nice, cute, unrelated black male suitable for sports training and even for breeding. "Ride" came from Netherlands to us, from the famous sire pE. Belgerac Zarif, IPO3 and very beautiful mother of Azra Tayra Irresistible Black, GG3, which is primarily devoted to obedience. Veronika had a great training plans, but long-term adverse personal circumstances do not wish. In addition, we each moved so instead and "Ride" became family dog (in pack of two adult males)more than working or sport dog. He trains IPO and dogfrisbee a little with Veronika - if there is the time and desire.

What about Ride?

The first thing I think of as extreme temperament, lightness and speed, incredible enthusiasm for everything. Ride was 100% retriever, with a strong predatory instinct, absolutely no reaction to the shooting. He had good social feeling with people and dogs. He was not aggressive or shy and ignoring them strange people or just jumping with joy on his head when he was likeable. It was a dog that breathes for its owner - extremely willing to do something, anything. He had a great appetite: o) Would an ideal dog for agility, because it's the kind of turn of 180 degrees or more on the ground and in the same extrem speed runs on ...

His exterior was enough nice. Its biggest advantage was beautiful movement, which relates to the ideal angulation and very good body. Ride had a very good head, with a beautiful black eye, has an excellent structure and rich black hair without white markings (one micro on chest :o).


He was a healthy, vital, happy dog all his life - always ready for action: o)


I´m very sorry that he was not used in breed - because his was type of dog which all people from agility are looking...