Ch.Klch.Jch. TICO TWINKLE van de Weiwakers , B.Tr.


Date of Birth:30.07.2004
Breeder: fam.Peters, Holandsko,
Owner: Ing. Beata Reimannová + Ing. J. Szeruda, Nové Hrady



Teeth: complete teeth, scissors


HD: 0/1 - FCI "B" (MVDr.Ekr,CZ)

BAER test : normal/normal (2008)

Epilepsy - from 6/09


64/62 stud male (KCHBO)

Because epilepsy - Tico will not be used in breed


Exams: ZVV1 (82/73/92) – G,

IPO1 (84/80/86) - G

CSAU (Excellent), TAN, Character test KCHBO: 76p


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Competition: ZKO Nové Hrady (2007) – under ZVV1(91/81/91) – 4th place


Shows: 5xBOB, 3xCACIB, res.CACIB, 7xCAC, 5xr.CAC, 3xCAJC, The Best Young Tervueren, Excellent 1, Winner of Speciality show 2008

Regional d´Elevage, Touquet (2007) - Exc.(open class)

Junior Champion CZ, Champion CZ, Club Champion KCHBO

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About TICO:

Tico came to "Deabei" unexpectedly. Our resolution was very quick and we could chooose first male from all litter. We were thinking about puppy male for training with nice looking with Bara Szerudova long time. Tico´s pedigree was full of lines for Grimm van de Hoge Laer, which were very good for IPO traning. So in spite of healthy risks (from big re lationship) we came for Tico.
Tico was Bara´s "present" for her father Jan Szeruda, who strated to train him very responsibly. He did exam ZVV1 easy and than they started with IPO training. Tico´s priority by training was perfect drive and very good bites during protection.
Tico developed into extremly temperament, dominant and self-confident male, absolutly crazy for balls (balls are his life) and with big apetit for any training. Tico was dog for one person and he was very fixed for his owner Mr.Szeruda. In spite of his dominace he was no conflict with other males and he was fine with puppies. He was not friendly with strange people, he didn´t care about them.
Tico was a bit sensitive for shooting, but it was not problem during training. He didn´t like fireworks and storms, but "no panic".

From his 5 years we saw first seizure, other came soon...he had ideopatic epilepsy, he had medicaments. Last 2 years he had few brain strokes and after last his owner had to decide...

He was the dog full of energy, big personality and loved his family...
RIP Tico...